What to expect: fees for architectural design 

Our process is simple. Please see below for the steps and associated fees:

Sketch Phase

  • We bill hourly until we find a solution that you love.
  • We do a quick square-footage assessment to predict costs.
  • We keep your budget in mind and make efforts to design towards that.
  • We bill frequently so you know how much you are spending.
  • You can quit at any time—zero commitment.

Ballpark Construction Cost Estimate

  • We offer you a choice of the following estimating methods:
    • we get you a rough estimate for the cost of your job. (We update your square footage assessment of construction costs for free.)
    • or you can hire our cost estimator for a detailed estimate. Costs vary with the size of your home.
    • or we can ask a Contractor for a preliminary estimate. (Some do this for free, others charge.)
  • From this estimate we either:
    • go back to the drawing board and tweak drawings to reduce the scope of work (back to step 1, Design)
    • or we move forward to 'Getting the Job Done!'. We do the work described below and use this estimate to base the initial fee.

Design Development, Permit Drawings and Construction

  • We bill hourly – but can give you a sense of what the total is likely to be based on the complexity of the project
  • We create Construction Documents for permitting, bidding, and construction.
  • We coordinate engineers and surveyors etc to compile one comprehensive permit and construction package.
  • We help you find a contractor and analyze bids.
  • We participate in construction over-site until the completion of the job.

*Most architect's total fees fall between 8 and 20% of construction cost for all work shown above. Ours tend to be in the lower end of that scale as we have a very efficient process and are a very small office with low overhead

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Small Projects

We are not taking jobs with estimated construction costs of less than $100,000 at this point. We are very sorry. If you feel you have a unique circumstance (like you would like to build a 'Tiny Home') or a fun kitchen please call and we can check our availability.