Do you practice "green" architecture?

Draudt Design seeks to make its clients happy in the "greenest" possible way. Green Architecture is fast becoming the norm of architectural practice, but this does not mean that all homes are going to be made of rammed earth and hay bales. While those are appropriate for some conditions, most clients are interested in environmentally sensitive traditional construction. Anne recently completed a course on Zero Energy and Passive Buildings at Harvard''s Extension School in order to better serve our client's who are interested in a more sustainable approach.

Draudt Design has always followed the traditional site planning strategies to maximize the impact of sunlight for heating in the winter and wind for natural cooling in the summer. We also consult on the various issues involved in deciding on levels of insulation, window and door efficiency, and various types of construction. Of course, we strongly advise using energy efficient appliances and fixtures and are always on the look out for environmentally friendly fixtures and finishes.

Sometimes one of the "greenest" things we can do is to help our clients find ways to modernize and renovate the buildings they have - falling back in love with their current home and saving the environmental cost involved in a tear-down with all new construction.

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